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Les Conventions

Les Conventions

Merlinelo  (27.05.2014 à 06:11)

Venez ici pour discuter des diverses conventions de fans de Teen Wolf ou avec des panels Teen Wolf, échanger des informations et partager vos témoignages!

Les conventions

Wolfie  (27.05.2014 à 10:58)

Allez, venez nous rendre jaloux/jalouses avec vos histoires  xD

Maddy  (27.05.2014 à 12:11)

Je me permets de remettre ici la liste des conventions prévues, mises sur la page d'accueil du quartier par nos chefs adorées :

Les conventions

Alpha Con: Vienne - 6/8 juin
Eye ConAtlanta: 13/15 juin
Days of the Wolf Chicago- 28/29 juin
Team Wolf Convention Paris : 5/6 juillet
Wolfs Bane 2: Birmingham30 août/ 1er Septembre
Wolf Moon ConMadrid -19/21 septembre

Creatures of the Night : Sydney: 10 août

Alpha con

maelysmiss  (06.06.2014 à 17:33)
Message édité : 06.06.2014 à 17:43

L'alpha con commence aujourd"hui!!!!

Je rappelle qu'il y'a Ian, Linden,Susan, Dylan,JR,Daniel et Tyler H!

Le programme:

-Vendredi : 15h Panel et autographes de Ian

-samedi: 11h Panel de Groupe

                 13h00: Meeting Tyler H

                 15h00: meeting Linden/JR

                 16h : Panel Linden/JR

                 18h: Panel de Dylan

Y'aura aussi les photos avec Dylan,Tyler, Linden, Daniel...


11h: Panel Dylan

   12h: Panel Daniel

              13h: Panel Dylan/Tyler

                        15h : Panel Dyaln/Tyler/Linden

10h : meeting Dylan

12h30: meeting Ian

15h30: Meeting Daniel

16h30: Meeting JR

Maddy  (08.06.2014 à 18:18)
Message édité : 08.06.2014 à 18:41

Et c'est parti.



-> Tyler asked the audience if they know how much older Derek is than Stiles.

-> Both of them got a mini-Oscar Statue from a fan

-> They’re talking about how Stiles and Derek would have met if there were no werwolves and such. Tyler said Derek would probably pick on Stiles.  "If were in the same High School and we were normal people I’d probably bully Stiles" 

-> They said that we’re gonna find out what’s going with Parish and that some weird things are going to happen

-> Tyler is very happy with the progress Derek has made in the show because Derek starts trusting Stiles

-> Tyler"If Derek wouldn’t be so grumpy there wouldn’t have been so many great grumpy things on Tumblr. I think Colton started this." 

-> Q: “What do they regret?”    Tyler: “Hooking up with Kate.”    Dylan: “Smartass comments to Derek.” 

-> If Derek and Stiles would switch bodies, Dylan thinks "it would be so funny." And Tyler thinks Derek would be like, "Oh god…no!" 

They would love such an episode and then Stiles (in Derek body) would beat Derek up.

-> “Derek has learned from Stiles to look outside the box a little.” - Tyler

"Derek made Stiles realize that this world is dangerous place. HE’S JUST PROTECTING ME!" - Dylan

On the question what Stiles and Derek learned from each other! 

-> According to Dylan, Derek is a big cuddly bear. "He just wants to protext Stiles. He’s a grumpy bear!" 

-> Dylan liked the “Miguel” - scene, they also liked the scene between Stiles and Derek in the car and in the pool

-> The pool scene in S2 took them 12 hours. 

-> Dylan is not a great swimmer.  "I can swim but I was really scared because I had to grab this guy with one arm." Dylan about the pool scene. Dylan said he couldn’t carry Tyler in the scene, it was too exhausting. 

-> Tyler told Dylan during the pool scene, "If I go under, just keep going and I’ll find a way to breath under water!" 

-> We can expect a lot more interactions between Derek and the three girls in the show for S4 

-> Dylan likes that Malia is kind of Stiles’ protector and likes the upcoming girl power next season

-> Small things Dylan and Tyler miss about living together: constant company, x-box and going out as a team

-> "I miss scaring him in the morning." Tyler about living with Dylan

-> They also tried to scare each other and catch it on tape (Hoechlin, Posey and O’Brien) 

-> They really can say anything about Sterek in S4, just that they hope to have more scenes together.

-> Tyler says there’s a "strong mutual respect" between Derek and Chris and that they were never enemies and that they’re allies not and having the same moral fence

-> Tyler would love a work-out video for the TW-Cast. And that we should check out his older tweets for work-out advice. 

-> Dylan said that he said “no” to a full Stalia sex-scene in 3B. "Originally there was a sex scene but I said "no" because i don’t believe in something like that."    He also said that the scene would’ve derailed the flow of the episode.

-> Tyler’s favorite character on the show is Stiles, "He’s too funny." and if he could play another character it would be Stiles and vice-versa for Dylan.

-> JR is the giggliest person Dylan knows. "JR is giggling, it’s so funny." Apparently JR is the always cracking up and giggling on set. Dylanmade Tyler the most.

-> Tyler had a full-blown laugh-flash (because of Dylan) at the scene where they’re paralyzed by the Kanima.

-> According to Dylan (if there were Stilinski twins) Stuart (Stiles’ brother( would be the biggest dick in Beacon Hills. 

-> Derek’s idea of a perfect date is, "That nobody turns into something with a burned face and a not burned down house would help too."  - Tyler But then Dylan interrupted, "How about getting to know someone before you sleep with them?" 

-> Tyler wants a scene where Derek lets Stiles get all his anger and frustration out and he uses Derek as a punching bag to do so.

-> They said it was fun shooting the Intro of TW S1 - they were there from 6am to 7pm - breathing in fake ash all the time

-> Derek PTSD; it was never Tyler’s intention for Derek to have, even though it’s fitting, he doesn’t play him like that.

-> If Derek were a Human being, what would it be like?   - "He would be divested because he’s only used being a werewolf."  - Tyler   Derek would be very vulnerable, also he see’s the bite as a gift so he wouldn’t be happy about it

-> Q: “Is Peter a bad guy though?”    Dylan: “Do you watch the show? H’s evil.” 

-> Dylan on how TW should end: "I don’t want any more people to die." Tyler: "Except the bad guys." 

->  Dylan  thinks that Derek needs a nice girlfriend. Tyler said, "Derek should get a girlfriends that’s a good guy murderer." 

-> Tyler loves when people are made happy by his/their work or found new friends because of it.

-> Tyler on the question how they want to be remembered, “To hear stories about people meeting because of the show, and when they can help people with their role.”

-> “I don’t call him Dylan. I call him D” - Tyler about Dylan. And Dylan calls Tyler “Hoech”.

-> Dylan grew up on TV shows so he get’s conventions.

-> “What happens to Jeff Davis’ home when yo watch the show together?”    - “You don’t wanna know.” 

-> According to Dylan their first meeting was awesome right away. They bonded over Baseball, namely…. the Mets ;) They gotten along the most with Posey and Crystal

-> Crystal, Dylan, Tyler P, and Tyler H exchanged numbers on the casting and the director took a picture of them and thought, “That’s the cast of TW” 

-> “You wake up as a woman next to a stranger, what do you do?”   Tyler: “Using Stiles’ advice - counting his fingers.”   Dylan: “What did I do last night? Want Cereal…” 

So, that was the #Hobrien Panel. Next and last one is Tyler, Ian and JR! If we got something wrong or forgot it - please let us know. Thank you :) "


J3ns3n69  (08.06.2014 à 18:37)

Merci @Maddy pour le report il y a des choses très interessantes de dite :) J'adore le fait que dés le début Dylan, les deux Tyler et Crystal se sont entendu ils se sont apprécié de suite et ça a permis à la série d'avoir ce coté vrai dans leur relation je trouve :)

Alpha con - Maddy

Wolfie  (08.06.2014 à 19:28)

Merci Maddy !  :D

Ils parlent beaucoup de scènes de saison 1 et 2, et répètent la même chose (il y a des phrase que j'avais déjà lu avant donc il faut se renouveler les gars  ^^ )


"I miss scaring him in the morning." Tyler about living with Dylan 

---> Derek, sort de ce corps  xD

If Derek and Stiles would switch bodies, Dylan thinks "it would be so funny." And Tyler thinks Derek would be like, "Oh god…no!" 

---> on veut tous cet épisode ! :(

According to Dylan (if there were Stilinski twins) Stuart (Stiles’ brother( would be the biggest dick in Beacon Hills. 

---> ça veut dire qu'il navigue sur le net (enfin, on se comprend ^^' ? Parce que j'ai déjà vu des GIFs traitant de Stiles et Stuart (personnage de "Les Stagiaires" pour ceux qui savent pas).

Crystal, Dylan, Tyler P, and Tyler H exchanged numbers on the casting and the director took a picture of them and thought, “That’s the cast of TW” 

---> c'est trop chou  :3

Maddy  (08.06.2014 à 20:11)

Hop !


Here’s a little summary of the solo Panel with Dylan O’Brien at Alpha Con! 




-> Change in outfit, today Dylan wears a green shirt and Khakis  

-> Dylan said in the M&G (before the Panel) that he does want a family later, but as for now, he is not ready to get pregnant. 

-> Dylan also said in the M&G that his role-models, when still a kid, where his Dad and Spiderman

-> “Why doesn’t Stiles want the Bite?”    Dylan: "He may not physically survive the bite and he takes pride in being the token Human." 

-> Dylan wants Michael J. Fox and Andrew Garfield to gast-star on the show

-> His favorite characters from “The Maze Runner” is Minho - and Thomas obviously.

-> Dylan says there’s a "comfort level" between Minho and Thomas and that he loves Minho’s character a lot.

-> “Worst thing that happened to you on set?”    Dylan: "I get hurt a lot when I act. I get out of every scene bleeding." 

-> Dylan says Stiles let’s go of his feelings for Lydia in S4. And that Stiles became a lot stronger and matured and that we’ll get to see that in S4.

-> Someone asked Dylan what his parent’s would say if he had to admit to his parent’s what Stiles did, like his BFF being a werewolf. He said they would think he’s on drugs and send him silently to rehab.

-> The worst thing that happened to Stiles was turning bad last Season, but he solved that and came out of it stronger than before.

-> Dylan thinks Austria is very pretty and the people here are wonderful and sweet, he also loves how welcoming and polite everyone is - which isn’t always the case at home

-> Stiles’ is Dylan’s favorite Character he ever played (and probably always will be). He feels very drawn to Stiles’ character that’s why he didn’t audition for Scott (which he was sent for) but Stiles.

-> According to Dylan we’ll get “Happy Stiles” back. Dylan is very happy about that.

-> Dylan: "I wanna have a family. Be an actor. I want to direct. And I wanna play for the Mets. No joke." 

-> Dylan would love to see Stilinski family flashback scenes (like little Stiles at the hospital when Claudia died) and he’s discussing it with Jeff Davis a lot. 

-> He learned the basics of “Go” (the game Kira and her mom play during S3B) 

-> Dylan is nervous about the TMR movie. He said he’s really proud of the movie and that he poured himself (heart and soul) into it. he hopes everyone will like it! 

-> Dylan, as an actor, found it great to play Nogitsune!Stiles, but he is also glad to have “Normal” Stiles back

-> According to Dylan the Nogitsune chose Stiles because he’s such a “charming motherfucker” XD

-> Dylan wouldn’t do music publicly 

-> Teen Wolf will always be special for Dylan, "Everything I know about acting I learned on Teen Wolf. It’s my home base and I have made lifelong friends there." 

-> Dylan loves Europe and he’d love to travel it, not just for work. He think’s Europe is much more "welcoming and beautiful." He would love to visit London and Paris, but he loves Italy too.

-> He would love to jam with one of his favorite Drummers

-> Dylan still feels embarrassed about his YouTube videos, he blushed even. "I know they’re still out there. Thanks for making me feel better about this." 

-> Q: “How did you become an actor?”      Dylan: "When I was 18 I graduated High School and a manager saw my video I put on YouTube as a child."

-> Dylan about what would happen if Stiles would land in the Maze, "If Stiles came to the Maze everything would happen a lot faster. He comes in and say’s ‘Let’s get out of here.’ " 

-> Some tried to ask Dylan something about TMR (without spoiling anything) and Dylan didn’t understand the question - he cracked up laughing.

-> Dylan said, “The screen test for ‘50 Shades of Grey’ didn’t work out” about failed auditions.        (A JOKE ;) )

-> Dylan is the happiest when he’s around the people he loves and when he’s acting. "When I’m with my family, my girlfriend, my friends, with the people I love." 

-> Tyler Hoechlin is lurking in the back of the room while Dylan’s Panel.

-> Stiles and his dad are more like a Detective Duo rather than Father and Son. Dylan says they’re "… at a good place with each other." 

-> Dylan said that Peter see’s potential as a werewolf in Stiles. But Peter won’t get Stiles on his team.

-> Dylan wanted to play Augustus Waters in “The fault in our stars” but he wasn’t available and it didn’t work out.

Maddy  (08.06.2014 à 20:13)
Message édité : 08.06.2014 à 20:14

Et toujours attention hein, c'est le souci des conventions, mais ça parle passé, présent et avenir donc gare aux Spoilers les louloups !!

Et la source est toujours la même, c'est pour cela que je la remets pas, mais gros boulot des fans qui font ça. 

Here the summary of the last panel this weekend. This time with Tyler, Ianand JR.




Photo belongs to @LadyInBlue_x

-> Derek’s reaction to Kate being back: “Really? Another one? Another one back from the dead?” - Tyler     Ian said, “Peter’s super annoyed that she is not dead but after he got over that he’ll make good use of her.” 

-> Ian joked, “Maybe there’s Peter/Kate romance in the air” 

-> JR says that Chris will be conflicted because of what happened, but Kate is still his sister. But he doubts that they’re gonna hug it out.

-> Ian would love to have dinner with Jesus Christ and get his opinion

-> Question about the S2 finale of Scerek. Tyler says that Derek is upset because he finally decided to trust someone (Scott in that case) and then he get’s betrayed. But Derek also realized that Scott is capable to handle the situation and understands why he did it. 

-> The reason why Stiles was in the dream sequence with Derek makes sense, says Tyler, because it was his struggle (the dreams and not knowing if awake or not)

-> Acting advice from the guys for aspiring actors.

"Do acting as a passion and not to get famous." - JR 

"Make your own Art." - Ian 

"Trust the casting people." - Tyler

-> Ian has a head-canon about why he think’s Peter is the way he is… but he’s not sharing. 

-> JR would write a very short script for TW and it would basically be about Chris not losing any more family. Ian would write a Peter and Chris’ back story. Tyler would write his script about Derek and his relationship to Peter and Chris right before the fire happened.

-> 3 Words of JR to describe Ian: Immediate, Soul, Brother 

     3 Words of JR to describe Tyler: Loving, Supportive, Inspiring

     3 Words of Tyler to describe JR and Ian: Brothers, supportive, loyal

     3 Words of Ian to describe Tyler: Trustworthy (Hoechy has a key to Ians house), Genuine, Uncorrupted.

    3 Words from Ian to describe JR: Delightful, Authentic, Sexy (last one came from JR himself and Ian agreed.)

-> A fan told Tyler to wear his glasses more

-> If Chris had to kill Peter or Derek to survive who would it be. JR said, “Peter! Hands down, Peter” but then he looked right into Ian’s best puppy-dog eyes! 

-> In real life Ian would kill Tyler because he keeps taking Ian’s money… (and women, according to JR!)  

-> Ian and JR were doing grumpy cat Derek impressions. Tyler did one as well and said afterwards, "That’s going to tumblr, right?!" 

-> On the question if Tyler would want Boy and Erica back on the show, he first jokes and say "No" but then adds, that he would love to have them back and show them a better life.

-> Tyler says that Scott isn’t traditionally in Scott’s pack, its more like a adoptive family. Derek isn’t a Beta to Scott (in form of making the Alpha stronger), but they’re on the same team.  Ian added that both Peter and Derek are more or less Omegas. 

-> Tyler: “You would think JR and Ian are the adults - but they are not.” 

-> Tyler said he can’t talk about Derek and Braeden but says we need to pay attention to it. 

-> Ian said, if he could change anything on his character, that he would make Peter more sympathetic. And JR would want Chris to go the opposite way and not having him think so much.

-> They all made fun of Daniel (Sharman) for complaining (in his solo panel) about all the pranks they played him. "So Daniel cried in his panel about me and Ian pranking him on set? He’s a mischievous little one" saidJR.

-> Tyler thinks Derek didn’t manage to finish his eduction, but if he would’ve gone to College he would’ve studied History. Ancestry or something like that. 

-> A perfect photoshoot for JR would be, "Bed. Just bed, butt naked in bed." 

-> JR want’s to go Sky-diving and he wants to do it with Tyler. They already talked about it. He also wants to go to Tibet. Ian wants to hang out in the country.

-> Tyler lives by "Love all, judge none." And he MAYBE would get that tattooed on his ribs.

-> Which Character they dislike the most:

Chris: Gerard, looooooots of issues there.

Tyler: Peter, love-hate relationship.

Ian: Peter. Most unredeemable 

-> We’re gonna see Chris and Derek grow closer due their losses and their realization that they do have things in common. 

-> Someone apparently asked about Tyler’s contract and if it changed because we could see shirtless Derek + chest hair in the S4 trailer. And he said that he asked Jeff he could grow it out! JR said, "He’s grown up!"

-> Daniel just came on stage and hugged them all. He did a sketch withJR of Isaac and Chris speaking with a french accent. 

-> Ian would’ve been a Rockstar if he wouldn’t have been actor

Tyler, Ian, JR and Daniel. Photo belongs to @FandomisedShop

Convention paris

maelysmiss  (10.06.2014 à 20:08)

Tpose ne vient pas à Paris! Il a annulé pour raison professionnelle...

Ils cherchent un autre guest avant la fin de la semaine!

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